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Dallas IVF’s team of fellowship-trained Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Subspecialists, Dr. Brian D. Barnett, Dr. Lowell T. Ku, and Dr. Dara L. Havemann, has successfully helped couples give birth to more than 10,000 infants.  We are well-known for our leading family balancing clinics.  The Dallas IVF 11,000 square foot treatment center is acknowledged as the largest free-standing, fully-credentialed, Texas Department of Health- certified ambulatory surgery center in Dallas and Collin Counties.  Our team of professionals is also recognized for their personalized and compassionate care in connection with IVF gender selection.  Furthermore, not only do we provide unparalleled baby gender selection services, but our gender selection cost is seen as being very affordable for our patients.  Not only do we serve patients from the Dallas/Fort Worth region at our family balancing clinics, but we also provide IVF gender selection to patients from Highland Park.

Highland Park Family Balancing Clinics

Highland Park, Texas is the county seat of Highland Park County.  There are approximately 113,383 residents who call Highland Park home.  On the occasion Highland Park couples are searching for the best family balancing procedures, they come to our family balancing clinics at the Dallas IVF fertility center or the McKinney facility.  Furthermore, it is never far for couples to travel to our Frisco family balancing clinic, only 26 miles southeast of Highland Park, or our McKinney family balancing clinic, only 31 miles east of Highland Park for our extraordinary compassionate care.  We deliver the highest standard of IVF gender selection to our Highland Park patients through individualized treatments.  In addition, we will guide you and your partner through your personal journey of choosing to have a healthy son or daughter.  Besides, our family balancing clinics are always accessible to Highland Park families because we are open 364 days a year for therapies

Highland Park IVF Gender Selection

Our unparalleled, world-class team of specialists in the Dallas IVF and McKinney family balancing clinics has in excess of 34 years of combined experience helping couples with their baby gender selection needs.  Led by Oscar Perez, Ph.D., Drs. Barnett, Ku and Havemann and other support staff, will help you with your IVF gender selection.  With the method of PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) performed for family balancing at Dallas IVF, we not only test for the gender of the embryo, but we also check all 23 sets of chromosomes, to help enhance the chances for our couples to have a chromosomally healthy child. To learn more about our family balancing process and baby gender selection, call Dallas IVF at: (214) 297-0020, today.