Selecting Egg Donors for Gay Couples and Individuals

Dallas IVF explains how to select egg donors for gay couples and individuals

The fertility specialists at Dallas IVF can help gay men build families by using IVF with donor eggs and gestational surrogacy. We realize that selecting the right egg donor is a big decision. To make the decision easier, our DFW fertility center has some valuable information about selecting egg donors for gay couples and individuals.

Gay couples and individuals have two options for selecting egg donors

When it comes to selecting egg donors, men can select an anonymous egg donor through an egg donation agency, or a known donor such as a friend or a family member. Both options have unique benefits associated with them.

  • With an anonymous donor, men can rely on the egg donation agency to handle donor recruitment, management and compensation. Each agency has an egg donor database that contains many qualified donors. Once hopeful parents select their donor, the agency will make all of the necessary arrangements.
  • With a known donor, men already have a friend or family relationship with the woman who will provide the genetic material for their child. Some hopeful parents like the idea of knowing their egg donor. However, in this situation, our DFW fertility center will refer you to an attorney to draft a contract that outlines the rights, responsibilities and roles of all parties who are involved in the egg donation process.

It’s important for men to consider what they want in an egg donor

Our DFW fertility center recommends that men take time to select an egg donor. It’s important for gay individuals and couples to consider what physical attributes and personality traits they would like to see in their egg donor. After all, the woman will provide half of the genetic material for the baby.

If gay individuals or couples decide to use an anonymous donor through an egg donation agency, they can view egg donor profiles that provide extensive information about each woman. The profiles include information about the donor’s appearance, ethnic background, medical history, education, personality and interests. If a known donor is selected, the individual or couple will already likely know a great deal of this information about the woman. The gay couple or individual can ask the donor for any other information they need to know.

Building a family through egg donation is a big decision, but Dallas IVF is here to help. If you would like to learn more about building a family using egg donation, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team of fertility specialists can help you build your family.