Lesbian Fertility Testing

At Dallas IVF, lesbian fertility testing is the first step of the fertility journey

Fertility testing is an important part of the family-building process for all patients. Lesbian fertility testing at our DFW fertility center is no different than testing for straight patients. However, there is one unique advantage if you are part of a lesbian couple. Since you and your partner both have ovaries and a uterus, you can decide how each of you would like to be involved with the pregnancy and delivery of your child.

Lesbian fertility testing can help you make decisions about family-building

During your first appointment with our DFW fertility center, your physician will ask questions about medical problems, family history, menstruation and past pregnancies. You can also expect your physician to ask which partner would like to provide the eggs and which partner would like to carry the pregnancy.

Since the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs decrease with age, it is often best for the younger partner to provide the eggs, unless she has a family history of a genetic disorder. If you and your partner are approximately the same age, fertility testing can help you make decisions about what role you and your partner will play in fertility treatment.

Testing involves bloodwork, an ultrasound and an X-ray

To get the full picture of your reproductive health, our DFW fertility center believes in performing thorough fertility testing using multiple assessments.

  • Your physician will perform a transvaginal ultrasound to examine the uterus and ovaries of you and your partner. The goal is to look for conditions in your uterus that could make pregnancy more difficult like fibroids, polyps and ovarian cysts. Your physician can also perform an antral follicle count to evaluate ovarian reserve, or egg supply.
  • You can expect your doctor to perform blood tests to assess ovarian reserve. All women see an age-related decline in egg quantity, but some women experience this decline more quickly than others. Blood tests for anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) can measure how many eggs you and your partner have left.
  • A test known as a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) can determine if you or your partner have any blockages in the fallopian tubes. This test involves inserting a thin catheter into the uterus through the cervix. With X-ray guidance, a radiologist places contrast into the uterus. If there are no blockages, the contrast will come out both fallopian tubes.

Lesbian fertility testing can help determine who should play what role in the pregnancy. In some cases, one woman provides the eggs and carries the baby. In other situations, one partner provides her eggs and her partner carries the pregnancy, in an arrangement known as reciprocal IVF. Using the results of fertility testing, your physician will help you and your partner find the best fertility treatment plan for your unique situation.

If you are interested in lesbian fertility testing at Dallas IVF, please contact us today. Our team of reproductive endocrinologists can help you and your partner find out more about your reproductive potential.