LGBT Fertility Clinic Options

Dallas IVF is proud to provide a wide range of LGBT fertility options

The fertility specialists at Dallas IVF work every day to help patients become parents. As part of this important work, our Dallas fertility center offers a variety of LGBT fertility options. Our gay and lesbian family-building tools include donor sperm IUI and reciprocal IVF as well as egg donation and surrogacy.

Donor sperm IUI and reciprocal IVF are LGBT fertility options for women

When women come to our Dallas fertility center in search of a LGBT fertility clinic and treatments, we perform a physical exam and ask some questions to determine the best option.

  • Our physicians recommend donor sperm IUI to patients who do not have fertility issues. The procedure is just like traditional IUI. The only difference is the use of donor sperm.
  • If you and your partner would both like to play a role in the pregnancy and birth of your child, our physicians will suggest reciprocal IVF. With reciprocal IVF, one woman donates her eggs and the other woman will carry the pregnancy and deliver the child.

Egg donation and surrogacy can help gay couples build a family

Our Dallas fertility center offers egg donation and surrogacy to help men become fathers. This LGBT fertility option is a wonderful way for the fathers to share a biological connection to the child.

  • Finding an egg donor is the first step. The donor can be anonymous, or a friend or certain relatives can serve as an egg donor.
  • The next step is finding a surrogate. The surrogate will carry the pregnancy and deliver the child, but she does not share a biological connection to the baby.
  • Finally, the egg donor will undergo ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. Her eggs will be fertilized with the father’s sperm in the IVF lab and the resulting embryo(s) will be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

The journey to LGBT parenthood is exciting, but it can lead to questions and unexpected detours along the way. That’s why it’s so important to partner with an experienced and welcoming fertility clinic.

If you have additional questions about LGBT fertility options, please contact us.