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Gay Fertility Options

Same-sex couples visit Dallas IVF to explore basic fertility services and the latest family-building options that allow them to share a biological connection with their baby. Our Dallas fertility center team is always excited to tell them that we offer gay fertility options, including egg donation, surrogacy, and donor sperm treatments.


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Egg donation options

When a man or couple asks about gay fertility options at our Dallas fertility center, our reproductive endocrinologists have available the option of egg donation. The beauty of egg donation is that it allows gay parents to share a biological connection with their baby and it is highly effective when using young egg donors.

  • The first step involves finding an egg donor. Some men prefer to ask a friend or a family member to act as their donor, while others may opt to use an anonymous egg donor.

Surrogacy options

When same-sex (or straight) couples select egg donation as their family-building tool, the fertility specialists at our Dallas fertility center also discuss gestational surrogacy.

  • With gestational surrogacy, a woman other than the egg donor will serve as the surrogate and carry the pregnancy. The donor eggs will be fertilized with the father’s sperm during IVF and the embryos will be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Gay men have two options for selecting a surrogate. They can ask a friend or a family member or they can use a surrogacy agency.

No matter which option you select, be sure to retain an attorney who understands your state’s laws on reproductive rights. An attorney in this field can draft egg donor and surrogacy contracts to avoid any confusion as to each person’s role and responsibilities. Fortunately, Texas is considered a surrogacy-friendly state.

If you’d like more information about gay fertility options, please schedule an appointment with Dallas IVF.