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Why Choose Dallas IVF?

Experience has never mattered more.  The physicians at Dallas IVF collectively have over 50 years of experience in successfully treating thousands of couples that have been struggling with infertility.  Our physicians at Dallas IVF are nationally recognized, regional leaders in infertility treatments who offer personalized care.

Dallas IVF has pioneered infertility treatments with many “firsts” in Collin County:

  • First PGT pregnancy in Collin County
  • First Donor Egg pregnancy in Collin County
  • First Gestational Carrier pregnancy in Collin County
  • First Donor Embryo Adoption pregnancy in Collin County
  • First PGT Pregnancy for family balancing in Collin County

With state of the art facilities, access to the latest advances in infertility treatments, and pregnancy rates consistently among the highest in the nation, Dallas IVF is the infertility practice that patients choose for their infertility care.


Devoted to you, dedicated to your success

Contact Dallas IVF today to set up an appointment to discuss your fertility options. Now offering telemedicine virtual consults.