Family Balancing

Sex selection for family balancing allows families to choose having a boy or girl before becoming pregnant.

This treatment option allows families to ‘balance’ the number of girls or boys they have in their family. Couples choose family balancing for medical, cultural or personal reasons. Dallas IVF was the first IVF laboratory in Collin County to offer this service. This service was first performed at Dallas IVF in October of 2009, with our first deliveries occurring in 2010.

Sex selection is performed through the laboratory technique of PGS, preimplantation genetic screening. Through the laboratory process of PGS, individual embryos that are created in an IVF cycle can be screened to determine if they are genetically male or female. Then, only embryos of the desired sex are transferred back into the uterus. Any remaining euploid (chromosomally normal) embryos that are not transferred can be stored for future use. With the type of PGS performed for Family Balancing at Dallas IVF, called array CGH, we not only test for the sex of the embryo, but also look at all 23 sets of chromosomes, to help increase the chances for our couples to have a chromosomally healthy child. In addition, Dallas IVF now offers sex selection for couples seeking family balancing who have cryopreserved embryos from past cycles that had not previously been tested. Through this process, available at only a few IVF programs in the country, embryos that have been cryopreserved, can be thawed, and tested to determine if they are Euploid (genetically healthy) male or female embryos, before being transferred back into the woman. The first successful PGD of a cryopreserved embryo was performed at Dallas IVF in April of 2012.