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Mike and Samantha Find the Right Fertility Doctor

Finding friendship and the right fit with their fertility doctor

Mike and Samantha describe their struggles with infertility and their journey to find the right fertility doctor, relating their excitement when finally hearing the words, “You’re pregnant.” The couple searched the internet for top-notch fertility doctors, and Dallas IVF popped up on the screen, prompting them to call. Samantha says going into the clinic felt like going to see friends, and her visits became something she looked forward to.

We had waited so long and we’ve been trying so hard. And to finally get the words you’re pregnant is just probably indescribable.


I’m Samantha, this is my husband, Mike. We’ve been trying to conceive, or we were trying to conceive for three years before we decided to come and see Dr. [Dara] Havemann.

We had actually been doing IUI [intrauterine insemination] through my OB-GYN. And after five failed attempts, I started searching the web and started searching for top-notch fertility doctors. Dallas IVF came up. So I gave them a call.

We had to have some surgery on my uterus and so we did that with Dr. Havemann. And we did some other testing that revealed some other issues that I had had. And so we did medication, and then the surgery on my uterus. And then we proceeded with the IVF [in vitro fertilization].

Finding a friend through IVF

Coming into the office was probably something I looked forward to. It’s kind of like going and seeing your friends, I felt really comfortable with them. It’s a huge up and down of emotions, a huge emotional roller coaster. And so when coming in the office, I knew that I could count on them to talk to or just pick their brain about things I was worried about.

And so it actually was a great experience!

We had waited so long and we’ve been trying so hard. And to finally get the words you’re pregnant is just probably indescribable.

We were actually traveling on our way to Tennessee when we got the phone call. So it was pretty exciting. We were getting to go and tell the family we were finally expecting our little baby, our little miracle. So it was great.

Our experience with Dallas IVF has been absolutely incredible. We would recommend anybody that we know that is having trouble to come here. They have given us this little joy and we just are extremely thankful that we have come in contact with them. They were able to help us make our dreams come true of growing our family.

Mike: Absolutely!


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