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5 important questions to ask before you begin working with donor agencies

working-with-donor-agencies-blogOnce you have made the important decision to pursue fertility treatment, there are many choices to make. If you need to use donor eggs or have a gestational carrier or surrogate, you will need to begin working with donor agencies. Our Dallas fertility center staff has a list of reputable agencies for you; but, ultimately, the agency you choose is your decision. We encourage you to do some research to help make the decision. There are five questions everyone should ask.

  1. How do you screen donors and/or surrogates?
    Donors and surrogates should receive extensive medical, genetic and psychological screening. They should also undergo criminal and financial background checks.
  2. How large and diverse is your database?
    A reputable agency usually has a large database of donors, which gives you more choices when working with donor agencies. Diversity makes it easier for families of every ethnic background to find the donor or gestational carrier with whom they feel most comfortable.
  3. What are your fees and how are they structured?
    This may be one of the most often overlooked questions for patients who are working with donor agencies. It’s important to find out exactly what you will be charged. Ask for a detailed list, not just the total, so that you will know what fees you may incur. It is also helpful to ask how much egg donors and surrogates are paid, and what the procedure is for paying them.
  4. How many people who use your agency for donor eggs or surrogacy become parents as a result?
    Have a conversation about the live birth rates for the agency you are considering. It’s an important factor to consider when working with donor agencies.
  5. Do you work with any reputable family law or reproductive attorneys?
    Legal problems sometimes arise, and it is critical that you and your egg donor or surrogate work with qualified attorneys who are familiar with the laws regarding egg donation and surrogacy in Texas as well as your donor’s home state.

Working with donor agencies can be stressful, but asking the right questions can help you make a decision that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident. Our Dallas fertility center staff is here to help you every step of the way on your journey to parenthood. Contact us to pursue your dreams.