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Why Egg Donors Donate

Dr. Barnett explains why egg donors donate

The Dallas IVF team explains why egg donors donateIf you’re thinking about starting or growing your family using donor eggs, you might wonder why egg donors donate. What motivates them to give this priceless gift to hopeful parents? The team at our Dallas egg donation center is here to shed some light on the subject, so you can have all of your questions answered before moving forward with egg donation.

Reasons why egg donors donate

Every egg donor is different, so the reasons why egg donors donate varies from woman to woman. One donor may have been motivated to donate after watching a friend or family member struggle with infertility, while another may simply want to make a difference in the world and receive compensation for doing so.

The team at our Dallas egg donation center has compiled three of the biggest reasons why egg donors donate.

  • To make a difference. As mentioned above, many young women want to give back to others and make a difference in the lives of hopeful parents. By donating their eggs, they get a sense of fulfillment in knowing they have helped someone make their dream of parenthood come true.
  • To earn extra money. Young women may also donate their eggs to earn money to accomplish life goals and dreams. Some women might use the money for college tuition and others might fund travel plans with the compensation they earn for their time and effort as an egg donor.
  • To learn about their health and fertility potential. Although not usually the primary reason, many women are excited to learn that they will receive a free and comprehensive medical checkup that will provide valuable insights into their physical, genetic and reproductive health.

Egg donation has benefits for donors and hopeful parents

The physicians and staff at Dallas IVF believe that egg donation is a beautiful gift that helps both donors and hopeful parents. At our Dallas egg donation center, we find that donors are happy to walk away with a sense of fulfillment and pride, as well as compensation for their time, while hopeful parents can accomplish their family-building goals.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about egg donation as a donor or a patient. We are happy to explain the process and all of the life-changing benefits.