Demystifying What Happens After Egg Freezing

Demystifying what happens after egg freezingYou just froze your eggs and you’re wondering what happens after egg freezing. Or, maybe you’re thinking about fertility preservation and wondering what comes after the freezing process. Either way, the team at our Dallas egg freezing center is here to shed some light on this topic. We believe that no one should be left in the dark about the steps after egg freezing.

Long-term storage after egg freezing

At this point, you probably know a lot about how the egg freezing process works. You take medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs in your ovaries. Then, you come to our Dallas egg freezing center for egg retrieval and our embryologists freeze your eggs. However, you’re probably wondering what happens after egg freezing.

Once your eggs are safely frozen, our team will keep them in long-term storage where they are closely and continuously monitored until you are ready for pregnancy. Frozen eggs can be stored for several years. In fact, we have found that frozen eggs can remain viable after more than a decade of storage.

Achieving pregnancy with frozen eggs

When you are ready to use your frozen eggs to conceive, you will need to take hormone medications to prepare your uterus to accept an embryo. When your uterine lining is ready, our embryologists will thaw your eggs and combine them with sperm from your partner or your chosen donor. This process is known as fertilization.

Our embryologists will monitor the growth and development of your eggs in the laboratory at our Dallas egg freezing center. After a few days, our team will select the healthiest embryo for transfer to your uterus. Our embryologists will freeze the remaining embryos for later use. During embryo transfer, you will come to our Dallas egg freezing center for the quick outpatient procedure. After the transfer, the embryo should implant in your uterine lining and develop into a pregnancy.

Egg freezing is an exciting journey for women who want to preserve their fertility. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment at our Dallas egg freezing center.