Valentine’s Day and Infertility Don’t Have to Make You See Red

Valentine’s Day is devoted to romance and intimacy, but the team at Dallas IVF knows that infertility can take the fun out of the bedroom. Whether you’ve been scheduling baby-making sessions or you’re dealing with unpleasant side effects from fertility drugs, you might not be “in the mood.”

Our Dallas fertility center has good news. You and your partner can enjoy Valentine’s Day by focusing on courting.

Make Valentine’s Day special with tips from our fertility specialists

The physicians at our Dallas fertility center have some tips to help you and your partner enjoy a romantic day.

  • Planning an outing for Valentine’s Day can make the day feel special. Whether you and your partner want to go to a restaurant or take a walk in the park, February 14th is a day to focus on spending time with each other – doing the things that you both enjoy.
  • Focusing on sensuality and emotional intimacy can take the pressure off. Just spending time talking or cuddling can make you feel closer to your partner, and might slowly heat up your desire.
  • Being spontaneous can make your sex life feel less mechanical. Being intimate at different times of the day can help you focus more on the experience and less on the results. It’s the perfect way to take the pressure off.
  • Avoiding fertility talk for the day is a healthy way for couples to focus on each other and not the pressures of trying to conceive. It’s amazing how taking a break from talking about infertility can help you focus on your relationship.

Remembering the spirit of the holiday can help you separate Valentine’s Day and infertility

Valentine’s Day might only be one day, but our Dallas fertility center recommends that you and your partner celebrate the spirit of the holiday every day. Sex is not just for making babies, it’s also an important part of your relationship. Even after you become a parent, you will always have been a couple first, so it’s important to never lose sight of why you originally fell in love.

If you have questions about infertility, please contact our office to see how Dallas IVF can help.