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Treating a decade of infertility with IVF

It took 10 years before Melanie and her husband visited our DFW fertility center for IVF

Treating a Decade of Infertility with IVFMelanie’s journey to Dallas IVF was a decade in the making. “Back in 2002, my husband Troy and I decided to try to conceive. After trying for a year, we had no luck,” she said. Since the couple had already given birth to a son with no problems, they were confused. They visited a physician near their home in Arkansas for answers. The couple worked with the doctor for several years and underwent multiple cycles of intrauterine insemination, IUI.

According to Melanie, “We were at the stage where we wanted to know why we couldn’t get pregnant.” However, their doctor diagnosed Melanie with unexplained infertility, and he recommended that the couple visit a fertility specialist in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the center, the couple was less than pleased with their care. “They treated us like a number and they were very anxious to get us in their next treatment group,” said Melanie. The fertility specialist also did very little testing, even though the couple wanted answers about why they couldn’t conceive.

Melanie and Troy stopped visiting the fertility center in Tulsa. When they returned to their physician in Arkansas, the couple felt like he gave up on them. “He just gave me a year’s prescription for Clomid, and I felt like he sent us packing.”

Melanie wasn’t ready to give up on finding out why she couldn’t conceive, so she visited another doctor in Arkansas. This doctor performed a laparoscopy and diagnosed Melanie with endometriosis. He also performed more cycles of IUI. “We probably had a total of 12 to 15 cycles with no luck,” said Melanie. Finally, her doctor recommended that the couple think about in vitro fertilization, IVF. This led Melanie and Troy to our DFW fertility center.

Melanie and Troy were impressed by the IVF success rates at our DFW fertility center

Treating a Decade of Infertility with IVFAlthough the couple was at first reluctant to undergo IVF, Melanie started researching fertility centers and their success rates. The online searches led her to Brian Barnett, M.D., at our DFW fertility center. Even though the clinic is five to six hours from the couple’s home in Arkansas, Troy and Melanie went to their first appointment in May 2012.

From the moment the couple met Dr. Barnett, they knew they had found the right doctor. According to Melanie, “He was very personal. We could tell that we weren’t a number or dollar signs to him. We were just a couple that he wanted to help.”

They were also impressed when Dr. Barnett performed a test that no other doctor had done. The results finally gave the couple an explanation for Melanie’s infertility. “He found a polyp that was taking up three-fourths of my uterus,” said Melanie. Dr. Barnett removed the polyp a month later, and then the couple started IVF.

When Melanie came in for egg retrieval in December 2012, Dr. Barnett discovered and removed an even larger polyp. Melanie needed time to recover, so the embryologists in the lab fertilized Melanie’s eggs with Troy’s sperm and then froze the resulting embryos.

Once Melanie recovered, she went in for a frozen embryo transfer. She became pregnant with twins, but she miscarried early in her pregnancy. It was difficult for Troy and Melanie, but they had more frozen embryos and they weren’t going to give up.

Treating a Decade of Infertility with IVFThe couple’s perseverance paid off. In February 2014, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Chloe into the world. Then, the couple had twins named Colt and Bryson in October 2015. The couple recently used their last frozen embryo and Melanie is pregnant again. “We couldn’t be more thankful, and I’m glad that we didn’t give up,” she said.

Melanie recommends persistence – and Dallas IVF – to friends and family

Infertility is a difficult journey. According to Melanie, “It can be a frustrating and trying time, but the biggest thing is not to give up.” She has some additional advice for individuals and couples struggling with infertility. “Do your research. If you’re not satisfied, seek a second or even a third opinion,” said Melanie.

She also recommends our DFW fertility center to anyone who is struggling to get pregnant. “I always tell people who are having trouble conceiving to go to Texas,” she said. She praises the physicians, nurses, ultrasound technicians and staff at the clinic for making her treatment a success.Treating a Decade of Infertility with IVF

Dr. Barnett once asked us why we were driving so far for treatment. I told him that he had better success rates than other centers that were closer to us.” The persistence of Melanie and Troy, combined with Dallas IVF care, helped the couple become another success story.

If you would like to learn more about Dallas IVF, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our team of physicians can help you go from patient to parent.