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Happy Travels: Tips for Traveling During Fertility Treatment

You don’t have to put off traveling during fertility treatment

Traveling During Fertility TreatmentSummer travel season is here! At Dallas IVF, we know that it can be overwhelming to think about traveling during fertility treatment. Luckily, our DFW fertility specialists have travel tips and tricks to help you enjoy your vacation – while still making progress on your fertility journey.

Dallas IVF can help you prepare for traveling during fertility treatment

If you have an IVF cycle coming up, you might want to delay your travel plans, because our DFW fertility specialists will want to see you before, during and after your cycle.

We do realize that you might not be able to avoid traveling during fertility treatment. You might have a last-minute work trip, a family emergency or the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip. If this is the case, your fertility specialist can help you create a travel to-do list.

  • Check the CDC Website: Travel alerts for areas reporting Zika virus outbreaks are especially important for anyone planning to become pregnant.
  • Contact Information: Be sure to pack the contact information for your fertility specialist in case you have questions or encounter a problem.
  • Fertility Medications: When traveling, you’ll want to keep your prescription fertility medications in their original packaging. You should also carry a letter from Dallas IVF to explain that you need to take these medications while traveling. To help you stay on track, we also recommend bringing a medication schedule.
  • Medical Supplies: It’s important to store your fertility medications at the appropriate temperature and keep your injection site sterile. Don’t forget to pack supplies like alcohol wipes, gauze, hand sanitizer, ice packs, a mini cooler and a sharps container.

If you have additional questions about traveling with fertility medications, please contact your airline or refer to the Transportation Security Administration website.

Can I fly after IVF embryo transfer?

There is no evidence that travel impacts IVF pregnancy rates.

If you’re worried about flying soon after your embryo transfer, you can take to the skies without a care. Air travel doesn’t impact pregnancy rates following an IVF cycle.

However, if possible, we do recommend staying close to one of our fertility centers, particularly in the nine to 11 days between your embryo transfer and pregnancy test. Remaining close to our DFW fertility specialists can give you peace of mind and access to prompt and personalized care.

If you have more questions about how to travel while undergoing fertility treatment, please contact us today. Our caring and knowledgeable fertility specialists can provide additional tips. Bon voyage!