Signs That You and Your Partner Are Ready to Become Parents

The decision to become a parent is among the most monumental you’ll ever make. Open communication between you and your partner is essential; you should both take the time to fully discuss your hopes and concerns. It’s also a good idea to make contingency plans in case conception proves challenging. For example, discuss the possibility of infertility treatments such as IVF. Additionally, consider the following factors:

Personal Feelings

You and your partner should be on the same page regarding your desire to have children and the lengths you’ll go to in order to conceive (i.e. infertility treatments). Ask yourselves why you wish to grow your family and consider the ways in which your daily lives will change. If you have any close friends who have children, ask if you and your partner can babysit, preferably overnight, to get a feel for what your daily routine with children will be like.

Relationship Strength

Having a strong relationship with your partner is essential before growing your family. This is particularly true if infertility is found to be an issue. Infertility treatments like IVF are highly effective; however, undergoing them can create psychological challenges. If you are able to resolve disputes in an amicable fashion, then you’re already on the right track. Additionally, consider whether you and your partner’s parenting styles differ and reach a consensus on various issues before conceiving a child. You may also wish to discuss childcare responsibilities in advance.

Household Stability

Children thrive in stable environments. It’s certainly not necessary to own your own house before having a child; however, it’s a good idea for you and your partner to have household stability that can instill a sense of safety in your child. For example, consider whether you or your partner’s job requires frequent travel.

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