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Their Infertility Was No Match for Dr. Lowell Ku and his Team

Hope during the infertility battle ~ Brandon and Kristen

Brandon and Kristen felt they had a team battling infertility alongside them at Dallas IVF. They remember being treated like they were the clinic’s only patients as they navigated the rocky waters of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Kristen said about Dr. Lowell Ku, “He went through IVF so he gets it, he understands. He’s felt that emotional rollercoaster, so he puts that love and compassion into every single one of his patients.”

“We have been trying to conceive for over three years … When I walked into Dallas IVF, I was automatically filled with hope.”

Video transcript
Kristen: I’m Kristen. This is my husband, Brandon, and our daughter, Emery. We are from Frisco, Texas, and we have lived here for several years. My family was raised here and his family was raised in Rockwall.

We have been trying to conceive for over three years before we became pregnant with Emery. When I walked into Dallas IVF, I was automatically filled with hope. After I met with Dr. Ku, after I met with the doctors, after I met with the nurses, and the sonographer, I instantly was filled with hope. I thought that there was a team of people who were fighting this battle with us – that we were never alone and that we truly were just filled with a feeling of hope and belonging and a sense of community that we didn’t have in any other part of our fertility process.

Brandon: All the doctors and the nurses that we worked with – and we worked with a lot of different ones – I couldn’t ask for anything more out of any of them. They always made you feel comfortable. They always felt like they were there for you and nothing else mattered – like you were the only patient.

Dr. Ku gets the emotional rollercoaster of infertility

Kristen: Dr. Ku is unlike any doctor I’ve ever had before. He takes a personal interest in his patients. He cares about us because he went through IVF too, so he gets it and he understands. He felt that emotional rollercoaster so he puts that love and that compassion into every single one of his patients. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

I remember waiting for that phone call. It was supposed to come in at five o’clock and the lab was running a little bit late, so Brandon and I were on the couch just sitting there nervously waiting. When he got the call, I ran into my closet, plugged my ears, and just waited for him to come and tell me, hopefully, the good news – and he did! I was filled with instant joy and happiness, but also somewhat nervous for what lied ahead.

We had a beautiful pregnancy and everything went perfectly and smoothly, and we have Dr. Ku and the Dallas IVF staff to thank for that.

When we had Emery in December, Dr. Ku was one of the first people that we sent a text message to, so that he knew that she was a beautiful, healthy baby girl and that he had helped us create a miracle in her, and we’ve never looked at life the same. We never take a moment for granted.


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