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Dr. Mucowski Highlights INVOcell as LGBTQIA+ Assisted Reproduction Option

She shares LGBTQIA+ assisted reproduction services including alternatives to IVF

Logo for Giddy article on LGBTQIA+ assisted reproduction | Dallas IVF | Frisco and 4 other Texas locationsGiddy, an online sexual health resource, featured Dr. Sara Mucowski’s expertise on INVOcell, an affordable IVF alternative, as a prime option for LGBTQIA+ family building. INVOcell is a novel device which holds eggs and sperm in a woman’s body for fertilization and embryo incubation.

This is the only assisted reproductive treatment where partners with vaginas can ‘carry’ the same pregnancy. Dr. Mucoswki explains:

“Use Partner A’s eggs and uterus, and Partner B carries the pregnancy in the earliest stages by providing the vagina that ‘incubates’ from fertilization up until embryo transfer to Partner A’s uterus.”

When it comes to LGBTQIA+ assisted reproduction, there are a wealth of options for couples or individuals. Understanding those options is the first step on the pathway to parenthood.

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