Honesty in Reporting IVF Pregnancy Rates

Dallas IVF insists on honesty in reporting IVF pregnancy rates to our patients

A common method by which some programs report their data which can be misleading is to give incomplete data, often by reporting positive pregnancy tests, or clinical pregnancies only. For example, consider a program that had 100 patients undergo IVF in women who were ≤ 34 years of age.

Example Program

  • Cycle starts: 100
  • Cancelled cycles: 10
  • Number of retrievals: 90
  • Number of transfers: 85
  • Positive blood tests: 58
  • Clinical pregnancies: 50
  • Live births: 38

How would you interpret this data? Some programs might only report clinical pregnancies per transfer. They would calculate 50/85 or 58.82% and present that as their pregnancy rates. That looks pretty good, doesn’t it? But the ethical and required way to completely report the data is to report by live birth rate, which would be 38/100, or 38% per cycle start, or 38/85, or a 44.71% live birth rate per embryo transfer.

Honest program: 38% live birth
Misleading program: 58.82% pregnancy rate

It is very easy for an IVF center to mislead the public by presenting themselves as having higher rates than they actually have. At Dallas IVF and most other reputable programs, the IVF data is presented in complete accordance with SART. We encourage patients to compare how a program presents its IVF data on its own website and how it is actually reported on the SART audited website.

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