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Five Tips for Injectable Fertility Medications

Woman resting on hand and thinks about injectable fertility medications| Dallas IVF | Frisco & Dallas, TXInjections can be a part of fertility treatment, but there’s no need to panic. Even if the thought of needles makes you cringe, you can get over your fears and make it through this step of the fertility treatment process. Our Dallas fertility doctors offer tips for injectable fertility medications.

Tips for injectable fertility medications

The process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) involves ovulation induction using injectable fertility medications. Many women are surprised to learn that they will be self-administering these injections at home. Our experienced and caring Dallas fertility doctors and nurses will walk you through the process and are available if you have any questions when you get home.

In addition to the information you receive from your fertility care team, you can also use the following tips for injectable fertility medications to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Practice deep breathing. When your body is tense, it can make a shot more painful. Practicing deep breathing and relaxation exercises right before your shot can help. Take a deep breath right before the injection and breathe out slowly as you push the plunger.
  2. Ice the area. If you ice the injection site right before your shot, it can help numb any pain. You can use an ice cube or an ice pack.
  3. Numb the area. Anbesol is an over-the-counter numbing gel for the mouth, but you can use it to numb the injection site. Just be sure to wipe it away with an alcohol pad before the injection.
  4. Try different injection sites. You may find that one side of your body is more comfortable for injections, so find what works for you and stick with it. However, if you start to feel soreness from injecting the same spot repeatedly, feel free to switch it up.
  5. Reward yourself. Make sure that you have something to look forward to after your injection. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet treat or a bubble bath, just anticipate the reward as you administer the shot. You can also think of the ultimate reward – a healthy baby.

Find help and support for injections

Our Dallas fertility doctors know that it’s not easy to give yourself an injection. Even physicians admit to struggling when they have to do it themselves as part of IVF. However, with help and support, you can overcome any fears and worries about injectable fertility medications.

Want to learn more tips for injectable fertility medications, contact us. The Dallas IVF team is here to support hopeful parents on their fertility journey.