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About in-office hysteroscopy for fertility testing

Dallas IVF has a wide array of state of the art imaging and operative equipment to evaluate female anatomy, specifically using an office hysteroscope, to directly visualize the uterine cavity.

This fertility test uses a small fiber-optic camera inserted into the uterus to look for scarring, polyps and fibroids that may interfere with conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term.


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What is a hysteroscopy?

A thin hysteroscope (a small fiber optic camera) is inserted through the cervix and advanced into the uterine cavity with the patient awake and alert. The procedure does not require anesthesia and is usually well tolerated.

Although the hysteroscope does not allow for visualization of the fallopian tubes, the procedure is a direct view of the uterine cavity and is an excellent diagnostic study that can diagnose fibroids, scarring, polyps, or other intrauterine pathology that may interfere with conceiving and/or carrying a healthy pregnancy to term.

Normal Female Pelvic Anatomy
Normal Female Pelvic Anatomy

Office hysteroscopy revealing endometrial polyps
Office hysteroscopy revealing endometrial polyps