Egg Donation in Dallas

Dallas IVF can help parents who are seeking egg donation in Dallas

Many patients seeking egg donation in Dallas visit the reproductive endocrinologists at Dallas IVF. By receiving an egg donation from someone you know or utilizing an anonymous donor who has contributed to the pool of DFW egg donations, you can become a parent.

Egg donation in Dallas provides another family-building choice

If you’re thinking of starting or growing your family by using DFW egg donations, Dallas IVF can help with the multi-step process. The first step involves selecting an egg donor. Some patients ask a friend or a family member, while others use an anonymous donor.

The reasons for using an anonymous egg donor vary. A patient may not know someone who can serve as a donor, or they may simply want to maintain anonymity in the egg donation process. Regardless of the reason, our fertility center works with several large agencies that specialize in egg donation in Dallas.

Once you select your egg donor and they donate their eggs, you can move to the next step in the process. Using in vitro fertilization, IVF, our embryologists will fertilize the eggs using your partner’s sperm. One of our fertility specialists will then transfer one or two embryos to the uterus of either a surrogate or the woman who wishes to become pregnant. At Dallas IVF, we have maintained a 70-80% pregnancy rate over the last decade using donor eggs.

The egg donor screening process at Dallas IVF is rigorous

Regardless of whether you choose a known or anonymous egg donor, they need to meet the same screening criteria. Our fertility center will exclude any donor who smokes, has irregular menstrual cycles, is obese, or has a sexually transmitted, infectious or genetic disease.

To ensure that you have access to the best DFW egg donations, all egg donors must:

  • Provide a complete medical and family history.
  • Pass physical and psychological exams.
  • Undergo screening for inheritable diseases, infectious diseases and toxicology.

The purpose of egg donor screening is to ensure that all donors can fulfill the complex psychological and physical requirements of egg donation. One of these requirements is being able to produce and donate a sufficient number of healthy and high-quality eggs.

If you are interested in learning more about building a family through egg donation, please contact us today. Dallas IVF specializes in providing compassionate and cutting-edge care.