Fertility Testing

Fertility testing is the first step to overcome infertility and bring home a baby

Knowledge is power, so our DFW fertility center offers comprehensive fertility testing for men and women. Testing allows our physicians to diagnose the causes of an individual’s or a couples’ infertility and develop the most-effective, least-invasive and most-affordable treatment for each patient.

The importance of fertility testing

Because 90% of fertility issues can be diagnosed by fertility testing, our DFW fertility center begins by performing diagnostic testing. Although many people believe that infertility is a female problem, male infertility is a factor in as many as 50% of fertility struggles. As a result, our fertility specialists provide testing for both the female and the male partner.

Fertility testing gives the physicians at our DFW fertility center the information they need to make the right diagnosis and develop the right treatment plan for you. By starting with an accurate diagnosis, our physicians are able to determine which fertility treatment is most likely to help you conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. This approach saves time and money as well as the heartache of a failed treatment cycle.

A look at male and female fertility testing

Before you begin fertility testing at our DFW fertility center, one of our physicians will perform a female physical examination and an in-depth medical history for you and your partner. This information is a starting point and helps your fertility specialist determine which fertility tests to order.

Depending on your situation, your physician may order one or more of the following tests:

The information provided by these tests, your medical history and your physical exam help our fertility specialists craft the right treatment plan for you so that you can bring home a bundle of joy–faster.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Our fertility specialists can perform basic and advanced fertility testing to determine the best treatment for your unique situation.