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Fertility Preservation

Dr. Ku discusses fertility preservation

Fertility preservation is exactly what the name implies. It involves techniques that can extend a person’s childbearing years. Fertility preservation is well-suited to those who have medical conditions that may affect fertility. For example, a person diagnosed with cancer may need radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy, both of which can significantly decrease fertility.

Watch this video to learn more about fertility preservation. Dr. Lowell T. Ku of Dallas IVF explains the ideal candidates for fertility preservation, including military personnel and those with a family history of premature ovarian failure. He also discusses the fertility preservation options for both men and women, which include freezing eggs and freezing sperm.

If you are interested in preserving your ability to have children later down the road, consider having fertility preservation treatments at Dallas IVF. You can schedule a consultation with our fertility clinic by calling (469) 287-8179.


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