Egg Freezing Procedure

The Egg Freezing Procedure

The physicians at Dallas IVF are experts in the egg freezing procedure

Dallas IVF is more than just a fertility clinic; it is also a DFW egg freezing center. Our fertility specialists are committed to helping women take control of their fertility, and egg freezing is just one way to accomplish this goal. Before you consider egg freezing, it’s important to learn more about the egg freezing procedure.

The egg freezing procedure is very similar to in vitro fertilization (IVF)

The treatment process for the egg freezing procedure at our DFW egg freezing center is similar to the first steps of the IVF process.

  • Ovarian stimulation – A woman will take fertility medication to cause multiple eggs to mature and develop in her ovaries. Her physician will monitor her response to the medication using blood tests and ultrasounds.
  • Egg retrieval – When her eggs are mature, a woman will undergo a brief outpatient procedure to retrieve her eggs. For maximum comfort, the women will be placed under light anesthesia during the procedure.

Once her eggs have been retrieved, the next step is to freeze the eggs.

Our egg freezing protocol helps ensure the survival of frozen eggs

Compared to embryos, eggs are much more sensitive to damage during freezing and thawing. Eggs are largely made of water, and more likely to form ice crystals during the freezing process. As a result, the percentage of eggs that survive the egg freezing process used to be lower than that of embryos. Today, we have a better method. To combat these issues, our DFW egg freezing center uses a new egg freezing protocol known as vitrification.

Vitrification is a rapid freezing process that transforms the liquid inside an egg into a glass-like solid state. This avoids crystal formation that could damage cell. This process suspends the egg in time until it is thawed to be used.

Although egg freezing is a relatively new form of fertility preservation, it has been proven to be effective. If you have additional questions about egg freezing, please contact Dallas IVF. Our physicians are here to help you take control of your fertility.