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Dr. Mucowski Shares Her Path to Becoming a Reproductive Endocrinologist in Infertility

She tells Shoutout DFW being a reproductive endocrinologist allows her to be creative in treating infertility

Logo for Shoutout DFW which featured reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Sara Mucowski | Dallas IVF | Frisco and 4 other Texas locationsDr.  Sara Mucowski has always been fascinated with biology and during high school that interest eventually led to to the path of helping others grow their families through reproductive medicine. She is proud to be certified as an REI (reproductive endocrinology & infertility) within a small business of physicians that place value in representing a diverse view while supporting and accepting all individuals.

“Typically, being a physician isn’t considered an artistic or creative career; however, it’s considered practicing the art of medicine for a reason … Becoming a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, a physician that specializes in reproductive medicine, has allowed me to apply my creative side in the form of hormonal “recipes” to help others grow their families.”

– Dr. Sara Mucowski

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