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Dallas IVF Featured in The Kansan Helping a Couple Struggling With Fertility

Logo for The Kansan, which featured Dallas IVF | Frisco and 4 Texas locationsOur fertility clinic was the only one the Toevs considered

The Kansan featured Dallas IVF in a story of a Kansas couple who decided to take a different path after struggling with infertility for years. When they made the choice to pursue embryo adoption, Dallas IVF was their sole choice.

Embryo adoption is made possible when frozen embryos remain after a couple who has used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to achieve pregnancy has completed their family. That family can then choose to donate the remaining embryos to another couple or individual.

The Toevs eventually matched with a couple who had 14 remaining embryos and were willing to give them eight. The adopted embryos were graded AA 5 Day embryos; literally perfect, though this doesn’t guarantee a successful implantation and pregnancy.


“By October, after various ultrasounds and hormones, Shelbie was physically prepared for the transfer. They chose the Dallas IVF clinic because of its high rating with embryo adoptions.”

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