Dallas IVF at ASRM

Our fertility specialists will attend ASRM this year

Dallas IVF at ASRMDallas IVF is famous for offering the latest fertility treatments to help men and women build families. Wondering how our DFW fertility doctors stay up to date with advances in the field? One way that our fertility specialists learn about the latest developments in reproductive medicine is attendance at the ASRM Annual Congress.

ASRM is an educational and networking event

This year, Lowell Ku, M.D., Dara Havemann, M.D., and Sara Mucowski, M.D., will travel to San Antonio, Texas, at the end of October to attend ASRM 2017, which marks the 73rd Annual Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The event gives our DFW fertility doctors the opportunity to discover the latest advances and developments in reproductive health and medicine.

With more than 8,600 attendees from nearly 100 countries, ASRM will be an enormous gathering of the brightest minds in fertility care. This event offers a rare opportunity for reproductive endocrinologists from around the world to network and exchange information.

According to Dr. Dara Havemann, “The team at Dallas IVF is committed to providing leading-edge care to our patients, and ASRM presents a wonderful opportunity for our physicians to learn what other fertility specialists are doing in their practices, while sharing what we do at Dallas IVF. This exchange of information is important because it improves patient care and pregnancy rates.”

Areas of interest for Dallas IVF physicians

Each of our DFW fertility doctors has goals for ASRM 2017. Dr. Ku, Dr. Havemann, and Dr. Mucowski are interested in gaining more information on cutting edge technology including advances in PGS and new treatment options.

“All of our fertility specialists have their own clinical interests; however, we all share a passion for providing world-class fertility care to the men and women who visit our clinic,” said Dr. Lowell Ku.

Dallas IVF care makes all the difference. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and compassionate fertility specialists, please contact us.