Dallas IVF at ASRM

Dr. Lowell Ku from our Dallas fertility center shines at ASRM

dr-ku-asrm-roundtableIt’s that time of year again! No, we don’t mean football season or the holidays. We’re talking about the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress and Annual Meeting.

Dallas IVF is proud to announce that Lowell Ku, M.D., represented our Dallas fertility center by attending and presenting at the 2016 ASRM Annual Meeting. The gathering is an opportunity for the world’s leading fertility specialists and embryologists to share information about best practices in reproductive medicine.

The physicians at our Dallas fertility center – and our patients – benefit from ASRM

The ASRM Annual Meeting is a time for fertility experts to discuss and learn about new research and developments in reproductive care. This year, Dr. Ku from our Dallas fertility center’s Frisco location attended the meeting in Salt Lake City on Oct. 15-19.

The website for ASRM calls the event “the premier education and research meeting for Reproductive Medicine, and it includes scientific sessions, courses and video programs presented by experts in the field.” The ASRM Annual Meeting is more than an educational event, though; it’s also a wonderful networking opportunity for our physicians.

Each year, our fertility specialists return to Dallas IVF with new information and connections that they then use to improve the already superior patient care at DIVF.

Our Dallas fertility center is proud to have our physicians attend ASRM 2016

Dr. Ku led a roundtable on “The Future of Information Dissemination in Infertility.” He shared his knowledge with physicians representing practices around the U.S.

According to Dr. Ku, “It is an honor to participate in ASRM. As reproductive endocrinologists, we look forward to the annual meeting as a time to share research and information to improve patient care and fertility outcomes.”

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