Patient Stories

Patient stories

As we guide our patients through their infertility treatments, we are inspired by their strength, perseverance and hope. Each patient we treat has his or her own unique story, and below are just a few.

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If your dreams of parenthood became a reality with the help of Dallas IVF, please consider sharing your story!

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Genetic Testing and PGD for ALD

Tyler and Sarah Chesworth knew they would have obstacles to overcome before having children. Fortunately, an advanced reproductive technology called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) would give them peace of mind.

IVF and LGBT family building

Of all the obstacles they faced, turns out IVF was the easiest to overcome. Ashley and Jen made the decision to pursue IVF after 10 years of dreaming of a family.

Conception With PCOS Was Difficult, but not Impossible

Early on, April shared that her polycystic ovary syndrome may cause infertility, but the couple was strong in the face of adversity. Conceiving with PCOS did prove challenging but with the help of Dallas IVF fertility treatments, they welcomed a little miracle into their family.

IVF and prayer: a fertility journey

When this couple didn’t conceive after several years of marriage, they sought medical advice and discovered that they had male factor infertility. Read their story and how Dallas IVF helped their dreams come true.