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Breast Cancer and Fertility Preservation

Breast Cancer and Fertility PreservationBeing diagnosed with breast cancer is life-changing. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the physicians at our DFW fertility center want you to know that you have options for preserving your fertility before undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

Learn about breast cancer and fertility preservation

Thanks to early detection and advanced treatment options, more women are overcoming a diagnosis of breast cancer. Our DFW fertility center offers fertility preservation for breast cancer patients to help them prepare to build their families after they win the battle against cancer.

Most breast cancer patients can benefit from fertility preservation, but it’s important to talk to your fertility specialist about your cancer and where you are in your treatment in order to determine what fertility preservation options are available to you.

You should begin fertility preservation as soon as possible. Let your oncologist know that you are interested in taking steps to preserve your fertility, and then contact our DFW fertility center. The Dallas IVF team will prioritize your care so that you can undergo fertility preservation and then begin your cancer treatment.

Breast cancer patients have two options that allow them to build families after they complete their cancer treatment.

  • Egg freezing is an excellent option for young women and women who aren’t in a relationship.
  • Embryo freezing may be better for women who have a partner, because the process requires sperm and eggs to form an embryo, which is then frozen.

Fertility preservation involves several steps

Both egg freezing and embryo freezing follow a process that is similar to in vitro fertilization (IVF). You will take medications to facilitate the growth and development of multiple eggs. Once the eggs mature, you will come to our DFW fertility center and your physician will retrieve the eggs. These eggs will then be frozen (egg freezing) or fertilized by sperm and then frozen (embryo freezing).

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are interested in preserving your fertility by using egg freezing or embryo freezing, please contact us.