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A Brief Look at Our Donor Egg Program

For many couples who are struggling with infertility, donor eggs are a viable option. Donor eggs are ideal for those who have genetic diseases or disorders. In these situations, using donor eggs can help reduce the child’s health risks. Donor eggs are often recommended for couples in which the female partner has poor embryo quality in multiple IVF cycles. LGBTQIA+ couples might also consider using donor eggs to start or grow their families.

At Dallas IVF, we maintain a list of potential donors. All of our donors have undergone rigorous screening and testing to rule out the potential for genetic diseases and other medical issues. Many couples choose to utilize anonymous donors, while others prefer to know the egg donor. For example, some couples might choose to accept donated eggs from a friend or family member. Regardless of which option couples choose, they can rest assured that the success rates at Dallas IVF are among the highest in the nation.

If you have any questions about our donor egg program, please call Dallas IVF at (469) 287-8179. Our infertility specialists will meet with you and your partner privately to discuss your preferences.


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