Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Dallas IVF makes parenthood possible by offering surrogacy for gay couples

Our DFW fertility center is a proud supporter of the LGBT community, offering a number of fertility treatments for gay and lesbian couples. Surrogacy for gay couples is one effective family-building option that can help gay men have a child who is biologically-related to them.

Surrogacy for gay couples involves an egg donor and a gestational carrier

The state of Texas has unique laws regarding surrogacy. A “true surrogate” is a woman who carries the pregnancy for a couple and also uses her own eggs. As a result, the baby shares her genetic material. Since Texas does not allow this arrangement, our DFW fertility center uses a slightly different procedure for surrogacy for gay couples.

  • The couple selects a gestational carrier, meaning the woman who will carry the baby. The gestational carrier can be a friend or a family member. Another option is to find an anonymous gestational carrier from an agency. All gestational carriers should be at least 21 years old and have delivered a live, full-term baby.
  • The couple will also need to select an egg donor. This woman can also be someone the couple knows or an anonymous donor from an agency.

Once the couple has selected their gestational carrier and egg donor, the next step in the family-building process can begin.

Testing and counseling are important parts of the surrogacy process

The hopeful parents, their gestational carrier and their egg donor will all need to provide their medical history and undergo blood work, which includes screening for infectious diseases. The gestational carrier will also need to undergo an ultrasound to evaluate her uterus. If testing and medical history reveal no problems, the gestational carrier and hopeful parents can attend pre-treatment counseling.

  • For the gestational carrier, counseling is designed to ensure that the woman understands the psychological issues related to gestational surrogacy, including how to manage her relationship with the parents, how to cope with attachment issues and how to deal with the pregnancy’s impact on her life.
  • For the hopeful parents, counseling can help them learn how to establish and manage a respectful and healthy relationship with the gestational carrier.

In addition to psychological counseling, all of the parties involved in the surrogacy process will undergo legal counseling to determine the rights and obligations of the hopeful parents and the gestational carrier.

IVF is the final step in the surrogacy process for gay couples

After completing psychological and legal counseling, the couple and the gestational carrier can begin IVF. The sperm will come from the male partners. One of the embryologists at our DFW fertility center will combine the sperm with the donor eggs. After the eggs are fertilized, one of our experienced fertility specialists will transfer one or two embryos to the gestational carrier’s uterus. Once she is pregnant, the gestational carrier will carry and then deliver the baby. After she gives birth to the child, the gestational carrier will give the baby to the couple.

If you are interested in pursuing surrogacy with Dallas IVF, please contact us today. Gay couples can become parents with help from the surrogacy process.