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When IUI Failed, Sherita Turned to IVF for Success

From IUI to IVF ~ Sherita

When intrauterine insemination (IUI) failed, Sherita and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) with Dr. Dara Havemann in order to conceive their son. Sherita felt like the staff at the McKinney Fertility Clinic location were more like family by the time she completed treatment. She even found herself enjoying the IVF process, thanks to the kind people at the center.

Just to see him when he actually arrived was a blessing. We were excited and I was just so thankful to Dr. Havemann and the whole staff at the McKinney office for giving me my son.


Hi, my name is Sherita and I’ve been trying to conceive probably for about two years before I came to the McKinney clinic for IVF and worked with Dr. Havemann. My husband and I had to go through a myomectomy surgery to get rid of some fibroids and hoped that would help us conceive. But, after trying for about six months we decided to go ahead and seek out fertility treatment.

Specialized expertise: from IUI to IVF

Originally, the treatment that Dr. Havemann and I decided to do was a IUI based on my history and kind of where I was at. I actually went through two different IUIs, which were unfortunately unsuccessful and that is when we pursued IVF.

I actually went through my first IVF with  Dr. Havemann and unfortunately I had a miscarriage. The second IVF we were successful.

The nurses here at the McKinney clinic were extremely helpful with me. I know, usually, every time you come in you’d have to have your blood drawn, and I am extremely difficult in getting blood out. So they were very helpful and patient in that process. It just made the whole experience a lot easier for me. And any questions that I had they were always open to, and it makes me feel like I’m not bugging them in any way.

Dreams for the future become reality

The day that I actually found out I was pregnant, I was waiting for the phone call. I had come in that morning to get my blood drawn and just kind of felt like that it was a yes this time.

So when I actually received a phone call the nurse at the McKinney office actually told me it’s a positive and that my blood levels – HCC pregnancy levels – are pretty high. I was just extremely excited. I couldn’t wait to call my husband and let him know that it was a yes.

My son here is Tray. He’s actually two months old now, and we were excited when he was finally born. We enjoyed the whole pregnancy and just were excited because we had worked so hard and it was finally the day he was here.

Just to see him when he actually arrived was a blessing. We were excited and I was just so thankful to Dr. Havemann and the whole staff at the McKinney office for a giving me my son.

Experience the miracle

Working with Dr. Havemann and staff here at McKinney was extremely an overall good outcome. I enjoyed going through the experience, and I know that sounds funny because who wants to go through IVF?

But because they make it so easy and they’re so friendly and like a family, they really want you to succeed, and you feel that. It makes it a lot better than you ever could imagine, and the fact that Dr. Havemann had actually gone through the process really made me feel like she knows what I need.


Devoted to you, dedicated to your success

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