Egg Freezing Financing

Egg freezing financing makes fertility preservation affordable

Our Dallas egg freezing experts know many women think that fertility preservation is something they can’t afford. However, Dallas IVF offers egg freezing financing to make fertility preservation a more accessible option for women who want to delay motherhood. Our doctors believe that cost should never be a barrier to making dreams of parenthood come true.

Learn more about egg freezing financing

Egg freezing and long-term storage cost can seem like a daunting amount to most women. Women who visit our Dallas egg freezing center don’t have to pay this amount up front. With egg freezing financing, women who want to preserve their fertility can begin the egg freezing process for just $499 down.

Our egg freezing financing allows patients to spread out the cost of egg freezing, which makes the process of fertility preservation and long-term storage far more affordable.

What is involved in the egg freezing process?

Women often ask our Dallas egg freezing experts what is involved in the egg freezing process. Fertility preservation is a multi-step process for women, but each step is covered by egg freezing financing.

  • The woman begins by taking hormone medications for ovarian stimulation. The goal is to prompt her body to mature as many eggs as possible for the egg freezing cycle.
  • The woman then comes to our Dallas egg freezing center for egg retrieval, which is a quick outpatient procedure. During this procedure, the woman is lightly sedated while one of our egg freezing specialists removes the mature eggs.
  • One of our embryologists freezes the eggs.

When the woman is ready to use her frozen eggs to conceive our embryologists will thaw and fertilize the eggs before one of our fertility specialists performs a embryo transfer.

Each step in the egg freezing process has unique costs associated with it, but egg freezing financing can help spread out these expenses to make them more manageable.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Dallas egg freezing center and learn more about the egg freezing process and egg freezing financing. Have a baby when the time is right for you.