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Donor Egg Pregnancy Rates

If you’ve had several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, then working with an egg donor may be the next step. Egg donors are also a good choice if you have a genetic disease that you don’t want to risk passing on to your child or if you are past your ovulating years. You can work with an egg donor who is known to you, or you can opt for an anonymous egg donor through Dallas IVF or an outside donor agency.

National success rates using donor eggs are 55 percent. At Dallas IVF, our pregnancy rates far exceed these national averages. In 2011, we achieved pregnancies in 94 percent of our donor egg cases. Our success rates for 2007 – 2011 combined are 69 percent.

Donor eggs can be a great solution when you’re struggling with infertility. Call Dallas IVF and learn more about your fertility treatment options. Schedule an appointment at our Dallas fertility clinic today by calling (214) 297-0020.


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