Coping with Your Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is a big undertaking for any couple. In the midst of coming to terms with an infertility diagnosis, you have to face a whole new world of terminology, medications, and emotions. Staying positive during your treatment will make the process easier and maybe even more effective. Here are some ways to cope:

Get the Facts

Make sure you understand the nature of your infertility. It’s common for patients to confuse experiencing infertility with being sterile. According to Dr. Lowell Ku of Dallas IVF, sterility is seldom the cause when a couple struggles to conceive. On his blog he writes, “the truth is that most patients are not sterile (sterile meaning there are no eggs left in the ovaries, leading to menopause and the inability to get pregnant). Most couples do still have the ability to conceive. They just have difficulty getting pregnant and need a little assistance with infertility treatments.” Don’t let confusion over the terminology used during fertility treatments make you feel like your case is less hopeful than it is.

Seek Support

To avoid unwanted interference and advice, you may not want to discuss your fertility issues with everyone; still, you should have a strong network of support. Turn to trusted family members and friends when you need to talk and for help weighing your options. Your fertility doctor can also be a great source of support. In addition to offering his input, he can recommend support groups for couples dealing with infertility that may be useful. If the emotional toll of diagnosis and treatment becomes overwhelming, ask your doctor to refer you to a counselor.

Set Limits

Work with your partner to decide what your limits are for treatment. What options are on the table? How many treatments will you undergo? Will you set a deadline for achieving a pregnancy? Your fertility doctor can work with you to make a logical plan with the best chances of success.

At Dallas IVF, we pride ourselves on delivering those successes. We have one of the highest pregnancy rates in the country, and our compassionate team of doctors is available to support you every step of the way. Find out more about our infertility treatments by calling (469) 287-8179.

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